Editing Course With Micah

This course goes over editing in depth with me. I go over editing in lightroom with basics, tone curves, hsl panel, presets, brushes, filters & I hop into Photoshop where I go over using sky overlays, texture overlays, the dodge tool, cloning tool and much more!

Creating Magic With Everyday Moments Course

A course about documenting the beauty and rawness of everyday moments. This goes through everything from how I prep my clients, light, marketing, finding your voice, editing videos, a culling video and much more.

Slice Of Magic Presets By: Micah Simmons Photography

Want to add magic to your photos? Looking for just enough emotion added within your images, while also keeping them classic? These presets are made for just that. They’re the perfect way to create a classic look while still having some grit to them. These are bold and rich in color. My preset pack includes 6 total presets. Five color presets & 1 timeless B&W preset.

**Due to the nature of this product, these are non returnable and non refundable.**