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Let me start by saying that this birth was just so very beautiful, raw, peaceful and gentle. This mama and papa had the most beautiful birth center birth in Alexandria, Virginia with Birth Care & Women’s Healthcare. And this mama’s parents were in town to be there and help support them throughout their birth as well.

I remember the morning I got a call from Erica. She had called to let me know that she was pretty sure she was in labor and that her contractions were consistent at this point. She had been having them throughout the night. They lived in the city, right outside of D.C.. When I arrived, I was greeted so warmly by her husband, Adam, and her parents. I continued to watch and document Erica and quickly saw a clear transition starting to happen. Contractions got closer, even more consistent, they were lasting longer and suddenly you could hear Erica working even harder to get through each contraction. I could hear her moans and breathes becoming more intense and very instinctual. So I sat back and continued to document and shortly later they decided to take a short walk near the city. This was a good time to step back, watch and document this beautiful mama and papa.

Shortly after coming inside Erica was clearly more intentional with each breath and movement. Adam called the midwife to let her know how Erica was progressing. She said it sounded like it was time to head in to their birth center and so that we did. Upon arriving Erica worked a bit on the stairs and then she was welcomed into a hot bath. She stayed there for a few moments and then laid in bed while working hard to get her sweet girl earthside (who was a surprise gender baby). Moments after she came out of the bathroom, came to the bed and said she felt like pushing. Only a few moments later of this mama working hard through each push her sweet girl was earthside. You will see in their story through pictures how shocked they were that this was a sweet girl.

This birth was just so beautiful, raw and graceful. This moama worked hard with her husband, parents and her birth team to get this little lady here safely and happily. I am so very grateful to have been there to document, thatnk you Erica and Adam for asking me to document this journey for you! To check out their amazing birth care team click here, they offer both home birth care and birth center birth care.

Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.

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