Why Should You Have Your Birth Photographed or Filmed? | Northern VA Birth Photographer

Let me start by saying I believe whole heartedly that birth is beautiful, in ALL ways. YOU are beautiful. These moments are beautiful, raw and so very precious. They are unique to only you and this birth. There is not one single other day in your life that will compare to the moment you bring your child earthside. No feelings compare to it… and let me say too…I’m not saying that your birth will always be perfect, or that everything will go exactly how you planned. I sure hope it does for every family, but I know that’s not always the case. There will be moments you doubt yourself, there will be moments of pure bliss, there will be moments of fear, there will be moments where you possess a raw strength you never knew lived inside of you. And these moments all deserved to be documented. Documenting your little one coming earthside is so important and here’s why.

For starters… It’s not just about one single moment.

You read that correctly. Documenting birth is so much more than just one moment.  It’s about documenting you and your partner, the connection you both have. It’s about preserving these fleeting moments that we can’t ever get back. It’s about documenting this journey into parenthood and that’s not just for your first baby. It’s about all the tiny details and big details. It’s that first cry and that first latch. As a mama of four I can tell you that each time has been completely profound and life altering. It’s about showing YOU the strength that YOU possess. It’s about making sure every single detail is forever treasured and that your little ones can forever look back on that too. It’s about capturing your story and every moment in it. It’s also about helping you cope later throughout that birth, the one I mentioned above where things maybe don’t go exactly the way you planned. It’s about remembering that fear, that strength, that love and completely embracing it.  Yes, even if it didn’t seem glamorous to you. It’s about capturing the raw beauty of this journey called life. I’m talking to all you adoptive parents or surrogates too, ALL parents. This moment in life certainly deserves to be documented. Birth brings us to the very essence of life. Those shaky first moments of pure relief and joy, but also the what nows?

So. Is your birth worthy of being photographed?!

The answer is simply YES. YES IT IS.

Let’s also not forget that it IS the first time we are meeting our sweet little ones. No matter what that looks like it should be treasure.

A few questions I get asked often….

Will my myself or my partner feel uncomfortable with someone ‘extra’ in the room?

The short answer is NO! I meet with my clients and we talk often prior to your birth. My clients completely understand that they do not need to worry about me being there at all, but of course if they want to chat throughout that’s ok too. I’m able to be the fly on the wall and document these wonderful moments for you or I’m able to be a friend and support as well as I can. Making sure that I’m exactly what my clients in their birth space is of utmost importance to me.

How do I know when to call you?

I go over very specific details with all of my birth clients prior to your birth. We talk about everything from when to call to when to keep me in the loop, and just about life.

I’m having a c section, what then?

Most hospitals are perfectly ok with me coming into the OR if mom and baby are healthy to document this journey. I take extra precautions and bring forms for the doctors ensuring them that I understand the birth space in all capacities. If worse comes to worse, I have specific settings I set my camera to and send dad and/or sometimes a nurse in with my camera for c sections.

When should I inquire about booking birth photography?

Because birth is unpredictable, and I have four little ones, I only take on a certain number of births per month. So. I encourage by birth clients to reach out to me as they’re considering. It’s always better to be earlier rather than later. That being said if you find yourself last minute needing and wanting a birth photographer I strongly encourage you to still reach out!

Will you share my images from my birth session?

This is completely up to you! I will NEVER, EVER share anyone’s images from any type of session without written and verbal consent. With birth I also go the extra mile and have a system in place so that it’s easy for you to favorite images you’d like shared, should you choose to share any. There is never any pressure either way… This is completely your right and your birth space.

SO. I hope this was helpful and I so hope to get to be at YOUR next birth to document the most precious, raw, beautiful moments. Interested? Email me by clicking here or the Let’s Connect button!

Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.