Silver Spring, Maryland Home Birth

This amazing mama and family had the most beautiful & empowering homebirth in Silver Spring, Maryland. I feel so grateful to have been there and witness how mom and dad worked together to bring their sweet girl earthside over a 48 hour labor.

On a cold, crisp, snow covered evening I got a phone call from Yuliana. She was in early labor and I could hear the excitement in her voice. I remember thinking I needed to make sure I got there in time as I live a bit of a distance away. After arriving I walked into Yuliana working hard, you could hear her working through each contraction, while also working throughout. Mario was carrying their youngest babe around and tending to her and her big sister. After a few hours, things seemed to steady at. This was a good time to allow Yuliana to rest and let her body work.

The next day Yuliana called back, I could clearly hear her moans had become more intense and she was more concentrated. She made her way to the birth tub with her husband where he helped her breathe through every contraction. They had planned on him to catch their sweet girl. After working through increasingly intense contractions, they decided to get out of the tub and make their way to the bathroom. Yuliana felt comforted by her husband and walked back to the bedroom. They decided to lay on their bed as she felt the urge to push. Mario was by her side the entire time and just a few minutes later caught their baby as they worked hard together to bring her earthside, with their lovely midwife, Elizabeth of Sisters Holistic Birth Services.

This family’s home birth was so very empowering. I am so happy to have been able to document their welcoming of their daughter in their own home. While I don’t often make it to Silver Spring, I’d do it again in a heart beat for this birth family.

Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.