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“During labor, let your voice be strong and unhindered. Women have been silenced in the birth room for too long.” -Lauralyn Curtis

Talk to Maggie for the very first times was one of those times that you instantly felt welcomed, heard and loved. She, and her family, have such a calming, loving, kind spirit that it’s almost palpable. I knew right away when she contacted that this birth would be amazing, even before they knew they were expecting twins. It was one of those moments I so often have of… Wow, this is my actual job, I get to do this for other people. One of those moments where I’m just so eternally grateful. And I’m so grateful that this mama was HEARD. She was surrounded by love, peace and was more than capable. She did what her body is meant to do and she did it amazingly and with her husband, her two older children, her midwife Hilary, of Loudoun Home Birth And Healthcare, her birth assistant Andrea, she did it surrounded by friends. Not just once but TWICE. Just a mere 6 weeks prior she found out she was having twins (and kept this fun secret from friends as a surprise, yay!) and was able to safely bring them earthside in the comfort of her own home. Up until this point she’d declined ultrasounds, until she suddenly started measuring quite a bit ahead. I’ll never forget when she messaged me saying it was twins. It made my heart so happy. But it also made my heart happy that she knew her options and was able to birth how she wanted to birth, at home, this fact did not change that. Welcome earthside sweet Joan and Adelaide, you are so very loved. Maggie, thank you so much for asking me to document this journey for you. Thank you for being a voice and congratulations again! You are fierce and beautiful and those babes are just perfect! Here are just a few of my favorites from your birth and your birth film (Did you all know I offer birth & family films?!).

This is always what I hope my clients, friends, family, WOMEN hear me say. YOU. HAVE. OPTIONS. There is no single, one right way to birth, your way is the right way, be heard. Let your voice known. I’ve recently been asked if I only document home births. NO. I document all births. Your birth. Whatever that is for you. I am an advocate for your birth, wherever & whatever that may be. I want you to have a safe, healthy, loving birth and I want you to have it documented. Know that you are loved and you are strong, mamas!

I’m currently booking births for 2019, due to the nature of birth, I recommend booking as early as you can to ensure that I can cover due date. Feel free to email me for more information.

Click here to see their lovely Birth Story Film, or go to my films section to watch it.

Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.