M Family Mini Session | Northern VA Photographer

So today were doing things a little differently.  This was a family session I did that I was immediately struck by, struck by the courage, the influence they have on their children and the absolute love both of these parents have for their little ones.  C first contacted and immediately I knew she was just as sweet as can be.  Not only that, but she was honest, which I love!  She then emailed me shortly after telling me a bit about her family, her and her twin boys… (more about that soon!)  After delivering C her gallery she emailed and asked if I’d mind if she wrote something for her blog post, and I couldn’t be more happy she did!  It’s beautiful & raw.  Here’s a bit about her family and our session from C herself…

‘We are divorced. When I first reached out to Micah to schedule a spring mini-session, I was really just thinking about me and the boys. After all, their dad and I split almost a year ago. But after talking with a friend, I sent two very tentative emails, one to my ex-husband, and one to Micah. To my ex I wrote, “I want to invite you to do a photo shoot with me and the boys. We’ve been telling them we’re still a family, so let’s do it.” To Micah I wrote, “You might think this is crazy, but I’ve invited my ex.” Micah’s response was so positive I began to feel reassured that my idea wasn’t totally ridiculous. “I actually think it’s pretty amazing,” she wrote.

So a few weeks later, the four of us met Micah and enjoyed what I hope is the first of many family photo shoots. We had a great time, and as you can see the pictures are gorgeous. We’re not the family we thought we’d be, but we are still a family. I look forward to next year’s photo shoot and other new and unexpected traditions.

To Micah, thank you for capturing my family so beautifully. We’re not broken. We’re actually pretty amazing. ‘ -CDF

C, thank you for asking me to help document you and your beautiful family.  You are family, no matter what.  Here’s a few of my favorites from your session!



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