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So.  What was supposed to be a weekend away (for the first time together without any of the kiddos), turned into a weekend away with our youngest little for now.  <3.  And I gotta say I am so grateful we decided to take her.  My husband and I had decided to head to Nags Head, NC for the weekend.  It was close enough to drive back fairly quickly if there happen to be an emergency with any of the kids.  Two days before we left we decided maybe we should take our youngest without us, she is just a few months shy of 2.  She hasn’t ever been without both us, but also she will only be the baby of the family for a couple more months before she’s a big sister too!  Anyways, Friday morning we left and drove the 4.5 hours to Nags Head.  The weather was perfect!  Upon arriving Friday, we literally checked in and headed to the beach, which was absolutely beautiful!  We then decided to take a long drive, partially because S was really tired and actually had started with a head cold. {But hey what better to treat a head cold, than some fresh beach air, right?!}  As we were driving, we came across absolutely beautiful beaches.  Towards the end S woke up and we decided to take her out.  I actually didn’t have my ‘camera, camera’ with me, but got some great shots with my phone, they are the last 5 pictures.  Anyways, fast forward to Saturday, we woke up around 6, had breakfast, then headed to Jockey State Park, we’d seen these absolutely amazing Sand Dunes that we wanted to check out before the sand was too hot to let S run around.  And I am so glad I brought my real camera with me, it was beautiful.  Honestly, hard to believe it was just sand dunes in North Carolina!  After spending a few hours there we headed to lunch, then off to the Wright Brothers Memorial, from there we went to the beach, then to dinner, then to this amazing park they had for kiddos!  I gotta say this trip was super quick, but great.  It also was a quick reminder of how grateful I am for so many things in life.  My children, my amazing husband, my friends and family, time and so much more.  Also, Nags Head was definitely worth the few hour drive!!  Here’s a few pictures from our trip!  {The first 10 pictures are from my ‘camera, camera’, the last 5 are from my phone, but I love them and had to post!}



Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.

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