{C. Mini Family Session}

Ok… Does anyone remember that week we had CRAZY winds and then the temps dropped too and it was abnormally early?  Welp, this session was on one of those days.  Not that you can tell, because they were all troopers!  While we considered rescheduling, which we are doing another session when they return, we really wanted to try to capture these moments this day.  Louise and her husband were heading back to Australia for quite some time, they’re from Australia, and they wanted to do them to capture their moments now.  And of course, I couldn’t argue!  This session was filled with giggles and soccer.  Their oldest little guy absolutely loved playing soccer and running around with me.  While we only spent about 15 outside I am absolutely in love with their gallery.  Thanks Louise for asking me to capture you and your family.  Here’s a few of my favorites from your session.  dsc_2772dsc_2744dsc_2740dsc_2750dsc_2753dsc_2763dsc_2746dsc_2758-2dsc_2779

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