{H. Family Session}

I know you guys have seen some of these faces before.  I know this because I get to photograph Brett and her littles often.  Brett is one of my absolute dearest friends.  I am feeling extra blessed the day before thanksgiving to be reminded of how many wonderful people I have in my life.  Brett and her family are absolutely amazing and we love them so much.  I’ve been privileged enough to photograph Levi since she was a tiny little, then her little brothers entrance into the world and then the entire gang.  And in between all the shoots I’ve gotten to hang out with my best friend and our littles.   This session was, I’m not gonna lie, cold and quick.  Knox was only a few weeks old, but this was the only day we had the opportunity to do the shoot.  Not only were all of the kiddos amazing and so much fun, they were happy!  We shot our session in a total of about 20 minutes, max.  And to be honest I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how they came out.  More and more everyday I’m reminded how important it is to lean in.  Lean in to your tribe, guys!  If you don’t have a tribe, find your tribe, seek for one.

So, so grateful for this family and for my tribe and village of people in my life!  Here’s a few of my favorites from your family session, Brett! 


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