{Meet Eli… 3 Weeks New!}

Yes, you saw that right.  Little Mr. Eli was three weeks old when I met him!!  Kailah first reached out to me about a week prior to her session.  She was looking for a posed session and someone who would come to her.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  When she told me Eli would be three weeks at our session date, I confidently told her that if we couldn’t pose him, as I normally don’t do posed after 12 days, that we could do a lifestyle session.  BUT told her that I would definitely bring props and we could try, fingers crossed!  I have to say I was a little nervous, upon arriving I noticed Eli was quite big, not just older than the normal posed session either.  BUT this little guy was a trooper.  He slept and let me mess with him, eek, for almost a full 20 minutes before even budging!!!  <3.  Kailah, thank you for asking me to help capture such a beautiful time in your life and congratulations again.  Eli is beautiful! 
{P.s.- this little guy LOVED to smile.  <3. }

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