{Meet Phoenix}

Guys… Is this little guy not the cutest?!  This session was so much fun.  I first started chatting with Candice when she reached out, after I’d done a model call for lifestyle sessions, saying she’d like to do a lifestyle newborn session with her little guy.  I was of course thrilled.  This session was easy going, light hearted and truly so sweet.  Kai, Candice and Phoenix are absolutely all welcoming, sweet, kind and funny.  During this session I not only got to play with Phoenix, but I got to get to know his parents a bit.  How they met, where and what they enjoy doing.  {Which always helps a session and helps me capture a family and what makes them unique. }

This little guy nursed quite a bit of his session, and then opened his eyes for a little while too.  We even got his little puppy in the photos as well.  <3.  Candice and Kai, Phoenix is absolutely beautiful and the most handsome, dressed up little man I’ve seen.  Thank you for asking me to be part of such a special time!


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