{Neighbors & Friends}

Ok… SO.  Let me preface this with I sent Mel a text this morning at about 7 A.M. telling her we, my kids, and I were going to go outside very soon and did she want to join.  HAHA.  Mind you, I obviously thought it was later in the day. Anyways, I headed on out, especially because it was absolutely beautiful out.  {Here in Virginia we’ve had a serious heat wave going on the past week or so}  About 15 minutes after being outside I heard Mel and her two little ones come out.  This.  This is why I am grateful to be friends with my neighbors.  There was no judgement for the early text, no complaining.  In fact, I then asked if I could take some pictures of her littles because I just got a new camera, and she said yes!!  Yay!  Anyways, we played outside for a little while and I snapped away.  If you can’t tell these two love each other.  They are so sweet and absolutely adorable.  Thanks Mel, for coming out at 9 in the morning to take pictures and listen to my crazy.  <3. 



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