{Udvar Hazy Air & Space Museum}

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to live in an area where we have an abundance of activities to do.  Ranging from Renwick Art Museum to Great Country or Willowsford Farm.  Northern Virginia put you right in the middle of so much!  Though, some people don’t realize it, there is ALWAYS something to do here.  I am from the south, so I’m partial to farmlands and berry picking.  But don’t get me wrong we absolutely love getting to the museums.  The Udvar Hazy one being one of our favorites.  Logan especially loves this one.  Alyssa is becoming more and more infatuated with it as well.  They both love to learn and let me tell you, you can never leave this place without learning something new!  This last trip we took I brought my ‘camera, camera’.  And I’m so grateful.  This was just before Logan’s surgery, and while we hope to get back soon { they’re very conducive to wheelchairs , though were hoping Logan will be walking again soon }, I’m glad we have these, because a few times while being stuck inside the kids have asked to take a look at them.  These are the ones they chose for me to put up.  The ones they really love.  { I love letting them pick the photos I’ve taken that they want up it’s a fun way for them to be involved and to explore what they like }  If you haven’t been to the museum, I highly recommend it.  It’s free and during the week especially not very crowded.  The Imax theater they have is also a fun treat! 

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