{My Hero Had His Surgery}

‘Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.’ – Shel Silverstein


Let me start by saying, this is a personal post on my business page.  Yes.  I am writing about it for a few reasons.  Two of the most important reasons are, I want my son to always know that he amazes me, that he is the strongest person I know.  I also want to raise awareness for Pediatric Strokes, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Autism.  Phew.  That’s a mouth full… Many of you may remember the post I did regarding Logan pre surgery a few months ago… { He was supposed to have this surgery a week after that. }  Welp!  Fast forward to mid June and he JUST had his surgery yesterday morning… Let me just say it’s been a roller coaster… I am going to be very honest, in that couple of months I learned SO much.  About Logan, about Alyssa, about Sumaya, about my husband and certainly about myself.  Finally, we have gotten to have this surgery done for Logan.  Logan NEEDED this surgery in order to maintain walking and running and playing.  He had to have this.  I am so grateful for modern medicine and for the doctors who have continued to take care of Logan.  Logan had several surgeries in one.  He had his leg lengthened and several tendons transferred and lengthened.  The surgery took about 5 hours, not including any Pre-Op or Recovery.  As you can imagine I have had SO many thoughts throughout this.  I can’t help, but to feel so bad for Logi.  This sweet, sweet boy fights fiercely to live as “normal” as possible.  He not only fights fiercely to be able to do things that many take for granted, things as simple as picking up a fork, but he does them with a smile on his face.  Logan rarely complains of pain or of his not being able to do something.  Instead he fights to be able to do it.  He figures out a way.  I am so proud of Logan.  He has overcome so many things in his eight years of being here… too much to put all into this.  It is so hard to see Logan in pain right now.  BUT I know without a doubt that this was the right thing.  I know without a doubt that Logan needed this and that it will improve his quality of life.  I also know that he was in good hands.  Before heading up for surgery yesterday, Logi was able to calm down and was very playful.  He even leaned over to me, smiled and said, ” I’m not afraid of the cast or going to sleep anymore mama.”  I just can’t imagine.  As it became time for Logan to go off into surgery I could see panic setting in.  Logi asked if I could go back with him, I am so grateful to live in an area with so many resources readily available, because I was allowed to.  I was allowed to go back and hold Logan’s hand while he fell asleep for his surgery.  I am so grateful.  Logan came out of surgery about five hours later, the surgeon informed me that the surgery went smoothly.  They did need to had a few things, that weren’t expected, but again that will help him.  For the first few hours Logan was ok, in fact he even smiled a few times and ate.  Since then it has been screaming, pain and sleeping in between when the medication is working.  Thankfully, as the first thing he said when he woke up was he wanted to go home, he was able to come home today.  24 hours later.  He has finally fallen asleep and stayed asleep for a little while.  He slept a total of about an hour or two max last night.  He is safe and sound at home.  I can’t help but to look at my little boy in astonishment.  This surgery is painful, very painful and Logan is handling it better than any grown adult I know would.  Logan never seizes to amaze me.  His sisters also amaze me.  Alyssa has constantly asked how he is doing and what she can do to help and has continued to communicate if she is scared for him or scared at all and has continued to love fiercely like she always does.  Sumaya like a champ has handled being away from me for so long quite well.  Amazingly well actually.  Logan, I am so proud to call you my son and to be your mama.  I love you, bud. 


Author: Micah Simmons

Micah Simmons is a published lifestyle photographer in Northern Virginia, specializing in Birth, Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Documentary Day sessions.

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