{Natasha’s Breastfeeding Session}

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect It’s successful outcome.
– William James
Meet Natasha and Lauren… These two are absolutely beautiful and equally as kind and loving…  Before meeting Natasha we had spoken a few times via email and messenger and I knew immediately that she was a gentle soul.  She told me how grateful she was to be able to breastfeed and that she hadn’t planned on breastfeeding for as long, but was so proud of herself for making it to 18 months of breastfeeding with Lauren… Immediately I was struck by her strength and remembered, as I have three kids myself, how hard breastfeeding is at times.  18 months is such an accomplishment and I am feel forever grateful that people allow me to capture such special and fleeting moments like this.  When I met Natasha and Lauren at Fountain Head Regional Park I knew right away this session was going to be fun and laid back.  Little miss Lauren was just a little doll.  She didn’t fuss or anything, played a bit and nursed, while her mom and I chatted away.  During our session I had the opportunity to learn that Natasha’s husband is a chiropractor and that they both were passionate about a mother and breastfeeding… Natasha, thank you so much again for such a wonderful session and letting me be a part of your life during this time!  Congratulations to you both again for making it to 18 months!



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