And We’re A Family Of Four…

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom…”  – Harriete Hartigan
Leading up to the days of meeting Betsy, Doug and Camden, (and soon I’ll get to meet little miss) I spoke to Betsy a couple of times, a few via text and once via over the phone.  I knew right away that we would get along.  She is so sweet and kind and gentle.  When meeting her, we chose Cabell’s Mill in Centreville, I immediately noticed how adorable Camden was and how gentle and motherly Betsy was with him… I also picked up on a few things that I don’t see often, as it is usually associated with a specific way of helping children… I heard Betsy start talking about earning, and rewards, I knew right away she had to know something about ABA.  Turns out she is an ABA teacher, which is ironic because I have a son who is autisic.  I could have spent the entire day with this family…  This session was filled with laughs,  a lot of love and getting to know this family.  Betsy and Doug, I can’t wait to meet little miss and to see Camden’s face light up.  (Camden loves to kiss and hug his baby sister in his Mommy’s belly)  I am so looking forward to seeing you all again!


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