Two little ladies…

When you see these little girls, you just see how adorable they are!  You don’t see the entire story… These little ladies are 6 weeks old, though they look like newborns.  They were born prematurely at 33 weeks… When I first met Kelsey, she was about 29 weeks pregnant.  I had seen a comment she had left on facebook, haha sounds cliche but really, about going into the hospital because she was being put on bed rest and it was just before Christmas.  It also said that she had a little girl at home, who is also so so beautiful!  She was looking for ideas on how to make Christmas special for her daughter, Ruby, as she knew it might be a scary and sad time for her.  I had just had my youngest, who was also born prematurely and I was on bed rest, a few months prior and could relate to the fear.  So I touch based with Kelsey and decided I would bring her family some dinner to help make things just a little bit easier for her.  I got to meet Kelsey that same day, and I have to say Kelsey even in one of the hardest times she was still beautiful, kind, loving and was so graceful.  I was so happy when Kelsey had these little girls, Ellie and Noor, at 33 weeks, early yes, but way longer than what they expected originally.    And I feel so blessed that I got to capture these special moments for them.  Kelsey and Eric, your daughters and your family are absolutely beautiful.  Thank you again for letting be a part of such a special time. 

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