Cody 9 Days New

This little guy was just as cute as can be… And so alert!  (Look at those eyes!)  This little man was 9 days old when I met him, I had been in touch with his mom regarding the newborn session several times and we couldn’t wait.  The day of the session I arrived and we made sure that Cody was fed and they even had the heater ready!  :).  And so we started… Cody loved to be nurse and loved to be held.  As soon as you would set him down or take his binki away he was wide awake and alert, following you etc.  He loved to snuggle his mom, dad and grandma.  I’m convinced that this little guy knew his name already, he would just look right at you!  His mom and dad were also so sweet and loving, the love they have for Cody was so so apparent and so gentle.  Congratulations to the both of you, I look forward to seeing you both, and Cody, again!

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