Oh Hudson!

Oh little Hudson… So for those of you who don’t know, this is the fourth time I’ve gotten to see Mr. Hudson, he’s 9 months old!  Oh, and boy do I love him!  Hudson, in just a few short months, has grown so much.  He is so sweet, handsome, smart, fun and smiley.  And Lindsey, his mom, is just as sweet and loving!  Our session this time was a breastfeeding session.  Lindsey came to me and said she really wanted to capture these moments with Hudson, I was so pleased.  Right away I knew we would have so much fun, as Hudson and I are best buds now.  ;).  When I got there, like usual I was met at the door by Lindsey and Mr. man.  Immediately he started smiling, which I should add he had just woken up, and I got to see his one tooth, yep just one tooth!  (SO cute)  We popped outside for a bit and just chatted away while Hudson got a little milk drunk .  :).  Hehe.  Hudson, was a bit distracted at times, but hey!  With this face, you can do whatever you want!  (Even play in the mud :0 )  I can’t wait to see Hudson for his first birthday!!  

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