Eva 9 Days New…

Oh little Eva, 9 days new and truly cute as can be… I had the privilege of meeting little miss Eva, and her two older sisters Kaelin and Leah, when little Eva was just 9 days old, they chose to come to my studio.  Immediately , Leah and Kaelin came in and started chatting telling me about their favorite shows.  Leah sat right down and smiled for the camera.  I could tell  that they were quite photogenic.  I also knew right away that they were so in love with their new baby sister.  They sat patiently while Stephanie, their mom, nursed baby Eva, telling me all about how they wanted to hold her.  So as Stephanie finished nursing, I gently had Kaelin and Leah sit down and get ready to hold Eva, Kaelin wanted snack, obviously because what preschooler doesnt?!  Haha.  So she got snacks!  But as soon as Eva was done, trust me no one wanted to do anything except hold this beautiful little girl!  Eva really liked to be held and loved rocked and comforted by her mom, but it made for some great shots!  These guys were truly as sweet as can be, for an entire 1.5 hours!    Stephanie, it was such a joy meeting you all and I look forward to seeing you for more! 


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