Tommy Is 6 Months Old!

If you know me, you know I love little ones… I got to do Tommy’s first Photo shoot ever, professionally that is.  (I’m sure is mom and dad have had a few at home with him.  🙂 )  When first speaking to Julie, Tommy’s mom, she had told me she was looking to do a six month shoot and that they hadn’t done any photos of him before… Which means I absolutely couldn’t wait.  I knew Julie was excited and I couldn’t wait to meet Tommy!  Julie and I had discussed doing something outside, however it is freezing in Northern VA right now, so we decided it would be best to do the shoot in my studio.  Tommy came in wide awake, and smiling.  He was fun, quiet (but happy) and absolutely adored his mom and dad.  He was, even at six months, so easy going.  He loved hanging out with his pals, the stuffed animals, and loved his toy that lit up and sang, while his mom and dad sang the songs to him.  I know where he gets it from, because Julie and Tom were equally as kind and gentle.  Julie and Tom, Tommy is adorable and I am so happy I was able to capture these precious moments for you.  

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