Alyssa Turns Six!

The next few months are very hectic for us and I wanted to make sure I put up my own children’s milestones.  So… this is my middle daughter.  She is six, well in a couple of weeks, and so so beautiful.  Alyssa is truly a bright spot in everyone’s life.  She is loving, kind, funny, happy, sensitive and all of this with a little sass.  Alyssa has a love for people that is indescribable, especially for her big brother and little sister.  She loves to help take care of her sister and loves to help with her big brother, who has special needs.  Alyssa also loves to teach others about how to help children with special needs, at six!  She truly has taught me the value of taking time to listen and hear people, to love them no matter what.  I am so proud of her, and so blessed to be able to call her my daughter… Alyssa lease stay gentle and loving always!  

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