Michelle And Lydia’s One Year of Breastfeeding

I first spoke with Michelle only a few short days ago, I was offering Mini Breastfeeding Sessions and she reached out and was very enthusiastic about doing a shoot.  Her daughter had just turned one and she was hoping to capture this special, natural and beautiful time in their lives.  We met at the D.C. Aboretum, it was a bit chilly, but crisp and the fresh air was so good!  When arriving Michelle and her friend both met me in front of the gift shop, right next to the gift shop we saw a beautiful, shaded area with beautiful colors.  I also noticed right away that Michelle was baby wearing, which I knew would be a huge talking point for both of us!  Turns out we both have pretty similar ideas about life and babies.  Lydia was just so sweet the entire time, she immediately latched on to her mom and felt the familiarity of her, despite being somewhere new.  I can’t say much more about this family, except that they are truly beautiful inside and out.  They are kind, sweet and nurturing.  I hope to you both again very soon Michelle.  One year of breastfeeding is truly amazing, you go mama!

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