Daniela and Sophia’s Breastfeeding Session

Oh Sophia… you (and your mom) are just absolutely beautiful!
 I first spoke to Daniella, just a few short days ago… She expressed to me that she desperately wanted to capture little Sophia and hers breastfeeding journey and that she was thrilled to see a page and a photographer supporting breastfeeding so strongly.  We immediately hit it off and started talking dates.  We decided to meet just a short two days later and chose the location, Bles Park.  When arriving, I noticed that there was still snow on the ground here… Beautiful, beautiful snow!  It was just slightly windy and quite chilly, but this mama braved it!  Sophia was dressed in the cutest little outfit and her mom dressed her in layers for the shoot.  When I saw Sophia, I was amazed, she is beautiful and so so sweet.  I was struck by her stunning blue eyes.  I can’t say much about these photos, except that this mama and daughter are amazingly cute, fun, sweet, loving and kind hearted.  Daniella, I look forward to seeing you both again soon and capturing more loving moments like this.  Way to go, you’ve almost made it to a year of breastfeeding, how wonderful!  

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