Jenny’s Breastfeeding Session

Jenny has three beautiful kiddos…. I first spoke with Jenny via facebook regarding a completely different matter, we had some of the same friends and some of the same interests.  After speaking with Jenny a few times she had seen the new page I had started to help normalize breastfeeding and she reached out to ask if I would do a breastfeeding session for her.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was, to get to meet another mom… Another mom who also is passionate about breastfeeding.  (I’ve been fortunate to meet many moms like me)  When I got to Jenny’s house, I was greeted at the door by Jenny, and her daughter Maya, who is beautiful by the way!  Almost immediately I noticed that Maya seemed like she may be sleepy and hungry.  And so we began.  To say that this session was a breeze is putting it lightly, Jenny is not only very kind and sweet, so are her children.  Maya, even though it was nap time and she was tired, was happy as could be.  Jenny, thank you for helping normalize breastfeeding and for empowering women.  You go mama!  

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