Andrea’s Breast Feeding Session

I had the privilege of meeting Andrea and Isabelle today… One for anyone who doesn’t know we had a blizzard last week and there’s still a lot of snow, though it got up to 60 degrees today.  Anyways, immediately when speaking with Andrea to set up her session, I knew we were a lot of like.  I also knew immediately that Andrea was fun, kind, beautiful, strong and also wanted to empower women.  In speaking with her it was clear how much breastfeeding meant to her and how much she loved to nurture her daughter in this way.  Andrea and I set her session up for a mere two days later.  When I got to Red Rock Wilderness park, Andrea had just arrived, she got out of the car and immediately greeted me with a smile.  She got out of her car with her almost one year old daughter, Isabelle and was ready to get started.  Not only did she brave the snow, but so did Isabelle, which by the way was cute as can be.  Andrea, I am so glad I was able to capture these precious moments between you and your daughter.   Thank you Andrea for being strong and wanting to empower women.  I look forward to seeing you and Isabelle again and watching you both grow on this journey… #mamasbestbreast
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