Kaitlyn 8 Days New…

Oh little Kaitlyn… 8 days new and just as sweet as can be.  When Katie first contacted me only about three days prior to our shoot I just knew this was going to be a fun shoot!  We were in the middle of a blizzard, really a blizzard and it was stunningly beautiful and crisp out.  When speaking with Katie she told me that they had just had their second daughter, their first daughter Emma is 20 months old and as cute as can be!  With the blizzard full force we made plans to the shoot as soon as possible, which ended up being Tuesday, we set the time for early morning.    When I arrived I was met in the driveway by Keith, who offered to help me carry in some props and help with the driveway and snow, he took me inside where I then met Emma, Kaitlyn and Katie.  I was immediately struck by how beautiful, kind and patient this entire family is.  Once I walked into the living room attached to the play room I set up my things and began to work.  Quickly, I noticed that Emma was so aware and that she was very interested in my camera.  So I stopped for a moment and let Katie nurse Kaitlyn and sat with Emma to get to know her a little bit more.  She was all about the camera and taking her own photos!  So cute (she even got a few great shots)!  So we proceeded, Little Kaitlyn was just as content as she could be, she loved having her tiny arms out to be able to comfort herself with her hands and loved be snuggled to sleep by her mom and dad.  I hope to get to watch this family grow.  Katie and Keith, thank you.  Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful moments for you.     

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