Natalie Two Weeks New

I first met Beth and Mark the day of Natalie’s, their newborn daughter, shoot.  Beth and I had spoken prior to the session and she had expressed how excited she was to capture Natalie’s first moments.  Beth expressed to me that this was their first daughter and they were over the moon.  When I arrived to their house, snow flurries started, once inside I met Natalie for the first time.  She was nothing short of beautiful.  From there, Beth and Mark were naturals, we eased into things and started with taking some photos in Natalie’s nursery where Beth had hung Natalie’s name and notes that everyone from her baby shower had written.  As the new parents watched and played with their daughter we then moved downstairs where we started the posing.  Natalie decided she wanted to wake up for that, she was just at the cusp of being really curly still.  Despite her being awake, we were still able to capture her beauty posed or not.  
Beth and Mark, Natalie is absolutely beautiful.  I look forward to doing a milestone shoot with her! 

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