Brenda’s First Family Shoot

I always love taking on the challenge of doing a photo shoot in a new place… When I first met Brenda, I had no idea how much she would really become a part of family.  Brenda first contacted me about three months ago.  She was looking for someone to do a family photo shoot for her and for someone to later do a one year photo shoot for her son, Liam, who is turning one in March.  Brenda really wanted to capture Liam and her family near where the live, which is Washington, D.C..  So, I said let’s do it!  I had never done a shoot downtown, but again was certainly up for the challenge.  When I met Brenda, she was so sweet, as was her significant other and her son Liam.  Brenda and I got to talking, as I normally do with my clients to get to them a bit more and understand what is important to them, and we realized we had quite a bit in common.  Brenda is an avid baby wearer, as am I, and she is very involved in charity work… Through our conversation Brenda and I instantly became friends.  Brenda and her family are truly amazing, they are kind, sweet, funny and beautiful.  
Brenda, I so look forward to seeing Liam for his first birthday and watching him grow.