Mini Mommy & Me Session| Northern VA Photographer

‘A Mother holds her child’s hand for a short time, but their heart forever.’


When Marti first reached out to me, I couldn’t of been more thrilled.  Marti is a local photographer, who’s work I adore, and I felt so honored that she asked me to document her and her sweet little girl.  They are both so sweet, beautiful and fun to be around.  Our session was a golden hour session in the heart of Leesburg, VA at a beautiful location.  We chatted our way through our session, and can’t wait to chat more, and had such a great time!  Documenting life is so very important you guys, please, please do it!  Marti, here are just a few of my favorites from your session!  DSC_2662DSC_2822-2DSC_2744-2DSC_2835DSC_2855-2DSC_2871DSC_2704DSC_2714DSC_2789DSC_2877-3DSC_2781DSC_2721-2DSC_2720DSC_2676

Mommy & Me Mini Session| Northern VA Photographer

Gosh, let’s start by saying the obvious, I need to catch up on blogging!  Anyhow, these two are so stinkin cute, I had to blog right away.  I announced mommy & me mini sessions just about a month ago, and Brynn contacted me almost right away.  I’ve done several sessions for Brynn and I absolutely couldn’t wait.  Not only because I wanted to see Ms. C but because I knew she was expecting a sweet little boy soon!   To say that this session was just so fun and sweet is an absolute understatement.  Little miss was a silly and cute as can be, and her mama is just glowing!  I am so very grateful I got to capture this sweet time for you Brynn, thank you again for asking me!  Here’s just a few of my favorites from your session!



Dakota Newborn Session | Northern VA Photographer

Oh, how I love newborn sessions.  I especially loved the Christmas Eve Newborn session.  This sweet girl, Dakota, and her mommy and daddy were just the sweetest.  It’s always such an honor to be asked into someone’s home or life to document their story.  Especially with newborns.  I say this often, it truly is such a vulnerable, safe, private space and to be entrusted to come in and document those first few moments of life is just amazing.  Dakota you are so, so loved and I can’t wait to see you in the future!  Thank you so much Dani & Matthew for asking me to document your sweet little girl and your growing family.  Here’s just a few of my favorites from their session!


Welcome Earthside Luna & Kalila | Northern VA Photographer

‘We have a secret in our culture, it’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong. ‘ – Laura Stavoe Harm

As you all know, I love birth sessions.  I love documenting that raw, beautiful strength in women, and of families welcoming their new little ones.  I love being present and witnessing a little soul entering this world and I’m forever grateful for everyone who entrusts me to do so.  When Crystal reached out asking me to document her birth, I couldn’t of been more thrilled.  When she started sharing her story with me, I was just in awe.  This beautiful mama found out at 37.5 weeks that she was going to be welcoming twins earthside to join her, her spouse Zachary and their toddler Avily.  She had, had a home birth planned and this beautiful mama and her spouse decided to move forward with a home birth, trusting that this is what was right for their family.  To say that this was a beautiful birth is an understatement.  This mama showed a strength that was just out of this world, she was surrounded by love the entire time and Zach & Avily.  She continued to show love and grace towards Avily and continued nursing her throughout the birth.  Zach was so attentive to not just Crystal, but Avily and his new littles ones too.  Crystal made several comments throughout laboring how in love she was with birth and her babies.  Again, awe struck.  Crystal & Zachary thank you so much for asking me to document this beautiful time in your lives.  You are amazing Crystal and I am so forever grateful to call you a friend.  <3.  Here’s just a few of my favorites from their birth story.



Luke’s Fresh 48 | Northern VA Photographer

So this session was not planned.  However, to say that I’m grateful I got to do it is such an understatement.  I’ve done quite a few sessions for Sydney (a fellow photographer, you can find her at Impulsive Joy Photography ) and her family, and every single time I’ve had so much fun.  Sydney and I have since become good friends and I’m so grateful for that and grateful for us both having children so close in age, even our older littles.  This was again an unexpected session, but it was such a good excuse to get meet little Mr. Luke so soon.  These guys are absolutely so in love with and it certainly shines through!    Sydney & Dave, thank you for asking me to document your little guy in the very first stages of his life earthside.  <3.  


A. Family Session | Northern VA Photographer

Ok, let me start by saying that I adore this family!  Not only have I become very good friends with them, but they’re our current neighbors and I am so very grateful for that.  Sometimes you just know that click with someone and that’s how I feel about Tara and her family.  Fast forward a couple years and few kiddos later… Tara and I had been talking about doing family pictures for her family for quite some time, however I then got put on bedrest and wasn’t able.  Again, fast forward to after my little Zaynab was born and we were talking about it again.  Welp, it snowed over the weekend and my first thought was, This is it!  We need to do them now!  We both love the snow and I knew it’d work.  Lucky for us we are able to just run out front in the neighborhood and capture their family.  My sessions are comfortable and I let the littles have fun.  I always say I am wanting to capture you and your family where you are at in life now.  Not yesterday or tomorrow, but now. I think these pictures sum up just how lovely this family is and how in love they are with each other.  <3.  Here’s just a few of my favorites from their session.  


{I’m currently booking sessions for 2018, feel free to contact me for more information!}


Welcome Baby Zaynab | Northern VA Photographer

On September 21, 2017 at 4:10 A.M. sweet Zaynab made her entrance Earthside, at 32 weeks gestational age.  She weighed 4 lbs. 9 oz. and was 17 inches long.  Before I go any further let me just say this sweet soul has absolutely completed our family.  She has brought peace and calmness and has been an absolute light.

Our birth story this go around was beautiful, as they all are in their own unique and different ways.  I won’t get into too many details right now, but I will tell you it was beautiful despite being in labor for 24 hours and a long surgery.  I was scheduled for a c section just a couple weeks later, but went into labor again and started progressing shortly after hitting the 24 hour mark.  I couldn’t of imagined a different entrance for her though, the doctors were amazing, kind and loving and I was blessed enough to have my husband with me and my mama with me for right up until we delivered.  The moment I heard Zaynab cry I knew right away my soul was complete.  I am forever grateful for the nursers, doctors, my husband, my mama, my family, my children and God.  Zaynab you are perfect in all ways and you are so very loved.  After two and half weeks in the NICU you are home with all of us and we are all thrilled.  I can’t wait to share our birth story in depth at some point, but for now I want to introduce her and share her beauty and the love we all have for her.  <3.


If you have emailed me or reached out, please be patient while I return all calls and emails soon!  I’m currently booking sessions for the new year and I am so looking forward to enjoying this time at home and the new year when I start doing sessions again!